Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The art of the exhibit

     Saturday was a glorious crisp, sunny day after the snow storms and dull grey skies of Friday. We zoomed in to Washington, D.C. revelling in the sparkly countryside and dry empty roads. Everyone stayed home thinking the inclement weather would continue all weekend.
     Parking was a cinch, right outside the Hirshhorn Museum and the cluster of the awesome collection of Smithsonian Museums. The Hirshhorn had a special exhibit by Ai Wei Wei, the dissent contemporary Chinese artist. I was particularly keen to see his Zodiac sculptures... they were in a circle in the outside courtyard inner-circle. They are big and uniform in colour, all situated in the circle according the the Chinese calendar and look dominant. And they are mesmirising, but - although I enjoyed each one individually, the whole didn't do much for me. They were cold and a little sparse emotionally as a group.

We wandered through the whole Ai Wei Wei exhibit, some of it very interesting or entertaining, and as with all exhibits, some we thought "How did that get in here?" But we both commented and were pleased to see how many young people were at the museum!
The Cube of Light was quite spectacular

I'll go in to the other art we saw in the next blog, too much to put in to one! It's a treasure to have these sort of worldclass museums just a drive away, changing exhibits. Living in D.C. would be a cornucopia of stuff to do, quite exhausting!! But so inspirational - art you like, art you're not sure about and art you just plain don't like - is all good, it makes you think! Go explore this wonderful world.

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