Friday, November 07, 2014

The Art of Life

So, I can't find my journals from the Central American trip.. I saw it a couple of weeks ago. I know it is in my writing room somewhere buried. I have been on this 'tidy up my notes, photos and stuff' voyage for a couple of months and ofcourse now I can't find a damn thing. Except photos or scribbles I had totally forgotten about, I look at them and go, "Oh yes! Look! I remember this!" and off goes my brain in another direction of memory...good and bad. It is actually really fun but I am not being terribly organized about it. I should be disciplined and have boxes to put things in based on years or countries or some logical thing. I suppose? I am a total pig-pen.
For some reason both the men I married are tidy, organized and practical individuals. My first husband was an accountant. You can't get much more logical, picky and practical than an accountant.
Lee is also practical and very tidy. I drove #1 crazy and I do the same to Lee - he does roll his eyes a whole lot. When he asks me where something is and I reply, "It's in my drawer/desk/whatever." he almost always replies, "oh no, I'm not going to go there... it's too scary."
But I manage to muddle through life. I guess my approach to life can be described as messy. I don't always think things through. I have instant reactions, gut reactions, to things. Sometimes it works out magically. Sometimes it's "What was I thinking?"
But I firmly believe I would not have lived the varied life I have if I thought things through. I've hardly ever been able to afford all my travels but I did them anyway... if you wait for everything to be in place, you might never do what you were planning. The rewards far outweigh the lack of funds or insecure future I constantly face.
The second secret is I rarely question whether I can actually do something. I have embarked on any number of projects, careers or ideas without the faintest idea of what I am doing. I try my hand at it, work out - sometimes - how to do it and go for it. It's part of the excitement - if you "teach" me how to do something I get bored. If I have to work it out for myself, I enjoy it.

So this blog merely and briefly makes two points - don't over think things and take chances. That is my advice - if it works for you, go for it. And good luck!