Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Art of No Blog

A dear fellower of my blog sent me an oh-so gentle reminder that my blog needed updating. An understatment to say the least... I haven't blogged since November 2013. 
Is there any body still out there?
What can I say? Not much except that I didn't feel like blogging, if I may be so honest. I haven't been in the best frame of mind the past few months, and I decided my natural tendency to honesty might not be the best forum for a  public space. I would likely offend certain people.
My mind is less foggy these days and I am looking ahead and not back.
I am heading in new directions with my art, no surprise there, I always am heading in new directions. I am bored with painting standard type paintings and selling them. I feel I have achieved what I wanted to do in this part of the art world... I had tired of painting pretty pictures and wanted to use my art for good. I have now done this - I painted works that went to a good cause - my bank balance and the Amandawe Support Group for AIDS orphans in SA - with my Vukuzakhe Project, I completed my installation piece on the Underground Railroad for the 3 month museum show at the Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover, Delaware and I had the honour of being awarded the 2013 Established Fellow in Visual Arts/Folk Art by the State of Delaware... and so I thought... now is the time for a new direction.
I have been keeping myself busy working on my children's book - writing and illustrating it. I thought I would breeze through the process in short order....well, I was wrong. It takes way longer than I thought possible. I have decided during August I will do no other work than the book. Complete it and publish it in September. I can do this...but I suppose I could also end up saying, "well, that didn't work out timewise...." I also have a website, AnneJenkinsBooks, I have to build and publish in tandem with the books. 
I have some other ideas I am knocking around, still connected to the art world but not in the conventional painting and selling side. I loved it and had fun doing it for nearly 10 years, but new adventures call.
And I've always loved a new adventure.