Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The art of public art

I will start chronicling my adventures painting 2 boats - each one 4-feet long - for a public art project in Milford. We (the 4 artists doing this) have submitted our concept designs based on the "River town, art town, hometown" theme, been approved by the committee and now we have the boats and must be finished early April. We will each mentor a high school art student during the process. I will video the whole thing and post as I go... let the fun begin!
The first one I am doing is the "River town" theme honoring the 7 ship building yards way back inn the day when Milford and the Mispillion River were full of ships and ship building
I posted the process on my website when I did the "big" locomotive in Georgia..
Hope you enjoy the ride!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The art of workshops

I attended a 3-day workshop this past week offered by the Delaware Economic Development Office... free workshop, free breakfast and lunch and LOADS of good information, hilarious quotes. I met a great group of business people and my brain is is overdrive.
The access we have in this state to officials is wonderful and I am grateful for it. Funny to say this considering the size, but Delaware is like Nevada... good access to your state officials. DE is small and NV is big, so when I say this folks say how can this be? It's population size, NV is a big state but small population. DE is small state, small population - both lead to the good access. It really makes a difference.
Here's my graduation photo... proves I did it! ... we not only learned a lot but we had a grand amount of fun ... a big THANK YOU to DEDO.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The art of sharing art

I am one of the world's lucky people - I have a supportive family who love me as I am and they don't take me too seriously, friends who do the same and put up with me by choice. And a big advantage, my artist friends are willing to share their knowledge, their skill, their advice and listen patiently when I'm rambling because I haven't a clue what I'm talking about. For instance this new thing I am working on.
I have an interesting idea for an installation piece for one of my shows during this "fellow" year. And I have basically talked it in to shape with fellow artists, their suggestions have opened up new ideas and possibilities to me and shaped it.
I don't actually know if it can be installed in the locations yet - I had hoped to visit one of the places on Monday but some sad soul shot up people at the courthouse and central Wilmington went in to lock down. However, I continue working on the idea. It will be simple but I think quite powerful.  
It revolves around the "underground railroad" the slaves used to escape to the North - a part of it goes through Delaware. It's fits the theme of my shows: women helping women, Africa to USA, South to North, women in need and changing the world. 
I've heard of artists who refuse to share but I don't think I've met any yet. The artists I know are warm and generous, many are totally crazy and interesting, but they share because they want to help. I belong to a couple of art groups on one of the social media sites and I am saddened by how some artists have at last found a place to open their art and their souls to other artists. They have been alone, or surrounded by less than supportive people. How sad for them, but luckily, with this new media they are able to let it all out. The internet might allow some folks too much freedom to say things but having a platform to share their art and their ideas has made a world of difference to many, many people.
It's a lovely thing to see. And it re-enforces how truly fortunate I am.
This is a little doodle I did a couple of days ago in watercolour with three colours. I think I'll call it "Support"
visit my website and my facebook page... see you soon.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The art of museum shows

Such excitement in my life - the date is confirmed for my participation in the Delaware Division of the Arts award winners group show at the Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover, Delaware. The opening reception is Friday, 2 August so mark your calendars - I'll post more details nearer the time. It is prestigious and an honour. I had 2 small pieces in a show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Atlanta a few years ago.. and still experience the thrill.
There seems to be so much on my plate right now, I am pleased about this - I've a had a slow year or so, so the buzz fills me with energy and more ideas! As if I need more on my calendar but 'go for it' is my motto.
My solo show will be in December on the Mezzanine floor of the DDOA building... I am swimming through ideas for this one.
I'm thinking of revamping my website, so check it out in a few days to see how I'm doing! All comments gratefully received... constructive criticision that is  :)
I am very excited to have found a wonderful artist who is willing to work with me 1-on-1 for a 3 day workshop in sculpture. Once we are all sorted I'll let you have the details. But I will be heading up to Maine to do the workshop! Chilly Maine... it will be wonderful. While we were at the Hirshhorn Museum we spent some time in their sculpture garden... awesome work, a couple of samples as a teaser for you:
this one is by a Spanish sculptor, regret I forget his name
This is by Tony Cragg, a contemporary British sculptor from Liverpool. It's title? Subcommittee. Perfect!
Sculpted 1991