Monday, January 14, 2013

The art of sketching what you see

I went to the fun sketching group last Wednesday evening at the Mispillion Art League Gallery - we were lucky to have a great model, Christopher Clawson ... he is a dancer and so good at posing and holding the pose. He's relaxed which adds to the fun. Everyone does their own thing - some do bits of him but all pretty much paint in a realistic style. I just can't... I look at the pose and a lightbulb goes off in my head and out comes something more abstract...sometimes charcoal with watercolour, sometimes just chalk... whatever, that's the fun of sketching I am discovering. Sometimes 3+ figures turn up on the page. But that is what I see, I have no interest in attempting to paint realistically... because I can't. I admire the talent and discipline it takes to paint this way but I can't do it myself. Christopher understand this a dancer and writer he is an artist himself and his partner, David Rule is a fabulous artist, especially in figurative work, so Christopher is used to artists and how we see things. He liked one of mine so much I gave it to him. Next day I took them dinner to make up for the fact I forgot money to put in the tip jar for the model. Brain like a sieve. Here's my sketch now happily residing in the Towers Bed  Breakfast!
© 2013Anne Jenkins


Carol Lee Beckx said...

I can see why he liked it so much!

Anne Jenkins Art said...

thanks Carol - I'm getting a kick out of mixing it up with charcoal and watercolours!

Christopher Clawson said...

I do love it - very much ! Thank you again. Also - I had a great time sitting for the class and thanks for the plugs ! =)