Friday, July 06, 2012

The Art of a Break

Crosby, Stills & Nash way down there - we could see them and certainly could hear them!
So ... I took a break. I didn't paint for a while, I spent a lot of time thinking instead. Usually that can be dangerous but this time I needed it. I had lively discussions with fellow artists and I learned a lot from them. Lee & I treated ourselves - we went to a great concert - Crosby, Stills & Nash at the Wolftrap near DC... it's a National Park, I didn't know that and it's a great facility. We had a superb time, rain and all! Yes, their voices are thinner and not as powerful although the few big notes that counted they hit, but still, everyone rocked. We enjoyed our picnic before the concert, got drenched and soaked through during the concert and had a peaceful drive home. It doesn't get much better than that...
We did the usual BBQ for the 4th - I believe it is considered unpatriotic not to! Lee had his usual fun with me as he warbled, "We won! we won!" and I yodeled back "Nope, we were glad to get rid of you troublesome lot!" - it's the same every year. A lovely fun bun fight.
I was happy to hear from the Anita Peghini-Räber Gallery in Rehoboth Beach - they'd sold a small painting of mine. Yeah! it all helps. I have a show coming up next week with 8 other top notch artists - big works - at Abbott's Grill here in Milford. I hope it goes well.
I am returning to the Vukuzakhe Project next week - it's a "heavy" subject and I found it drained me - hence the break. I feel more refreshed and will finish it soon. Then continue on to find corporate buyers...  wish me luck.
I hope my mind is getting settled again and so - onwards!