Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The art of lists

Sorry if I sound like a stuck record, but I've just had the best start to 2013... I made some very impressive lists (hear ye! I bang me drum loudly....)
The official notice came out today from The Delaware Division of the Arts and I'm the in the top list. I usually get irritated if my name is not spelt correctly, but this time I don't care... I'm in awe and it's such an honour to be on this list at all!

Then I made the renown artist, writer, teacher and more good things, Annie Strack's, list of top 10 artists to watch in 2013. Thank you so much Annie Strack ... .

so... no pressure, just think art. HA! My feet are hitting ground after all these accolades and it's starting to sink in. oh dear, the pressure, the pressure...I'll start to feel it once I've wiped the smile off my face!

thank you and I hope I can do these honours justice.

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