Friday, March 29, 2013

The art of public art

This project is so much fun... my second boat is very cheerful and quite different to the first....
here's an update video..

and here is a wonderful article and video report by our new NPR station, Delaware's first.. WDDE 91.1
great station..very supportive of the arts...check it out  here

happy long weekend all!

Friday, March 15, 2013

The art of young talent

This public art project is keeping me on my toes and I'm learning so much - especially from the student I am mentoring, Ann. She is a lovely person - strong minded, intelligent and very talented artist... and we have slotted easily in to a working relationship.
I'm not only enjoying learning about her art and her view of art but of seeing life through the eyes of a 17-year old. One the first questions she asked was did I find it strange or annoying to have someone sharing my studio. The question surprised me... I hadn't thought of it in that way. But she is right, painting is a solitary occupation. I told her no, I am enjoying it. It's exciting and fun to see art through another's eyes and opinions. We discussed working alone and she is a wise young girl. She said something  like 'I am not afraid of being alone, I'm comfortable with it.' And I couldn't agree more - there is a big difference between being lonely and being alone. We both enjoy being alone and working alone, but we are also enjoying this short time working and learning together.
Ann faces a life filled with adventures, love, despair, laughter and joy. I wish her a long life of all of them. Go grab it with both hands and head on out... make a difference, is my advice to her.
I am sure she will.
SO ... meet Ann - my new artist friend, I'm glad we're having a grand old time doing this project.

Friday, March 08, 2013

The Art of Ugly

My boat # 1 is at the ugly stage... all art goes through this stage, well, at least most of my pieces of art. I'm determined to just do a video every Thursday morning to chronicle the progress. If I do too many it will lose the impact...
I am excited the student who will be working with me on this project is arriving for her first visit on Saturday. It will be fun to share the adventure and I am sure to learn a lot from her! Young minds don't know limitations.
Instead  of posting the video though, here's a photo - I started gessoing and base painting boat #2 because time is short for this project.. my fault. I've other things planned as well.
will I ever learn?
have a grand weekend...........

Friday, March 01, 2013

The art of video

I will be chronicling the progress as I paint the 2 boats for the public art project in Milford, - here's is video
 # 1. I am still learning how to do this, edit etc... so much to learn with new technology! Have a happy weekend
this video © 2013 Anne Jenkins