Friday, March 30, 2012

The art of Travel

Ceiling mural in a section of the NYC Public Library
I enjoyed a special day in New York City with a friend last week - we weren't as organized as we thought, so we dithered about, visited a Cuban Art Center and saw some cool art, had a very good Indian meal in a hole in the wall place for $20 for both of us, a glass of wine in a nice gay bar with a humourous door man and visited the NY public library.
I had no idea the library was so ornate and grand. There were 2 photography exhibits on ... one quite disturbing and one pretty boring. But the building was the star.

We also spent a very interesting couple of hours with a dynamic, lively and curious bunch of ladies who are textile artists. It's inspirational to be around these ladies. We're country folk now, so big city gals are a kick every once in a whole. I needed it.

Unfortunately my second trip to NYC a week later didn't pan out so well. Lee and I were booked to take the Kent County bus up on Wednesday. We set off just before 6:30 a.m. for Dover to board the bus when Pearl, our trusty old Toyota - who NEVER ever breaks down - decided today was the day to tear up all her belts. As we were driving along Highway 1 no less. So, long story short, we got a ride in a tow truck back to Milford instead of the bus to NYC. And dropped a large number of $$ at a garage before heading home. No NYC fun lunch with an old friend. We were so disappointed.

But that's travel.One week it's all good, next it isn't. Sorta like life.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Art of Thought

So, I've played hookey the past couple of weeks and not posted too much - so sad, too bad! It's just been one of those times - we all have them and whatever they are, they come and go. Deep, eh?
Ihawu - The Shield Painting # 3

I was excited to finish the 3rd painting in The Vukuzakhe Project - it's called Ihawu which means The Shield. It shows 5 women cradling the fabric landscape of two little girls playing. the whole group represents the Amandawe Support Group. Three of the figures represent the Zulu ladies in traditional headdress with 2 smaller figures representing my sister Ruth, Maurean (the tireless UVA volunteer) and me - they're larger because they carry the biggest share of work and love in the group. My sister, Maurean and I are just the small cogs but we all form the whole. I really like this one. It's bright and sweet, with a powerful message - support and love is colour blind.
Within Ouselves III - not complete
I also worked on the third painting in the new series "Within Ourselves" - this one fought me. I realized after thinking about it for a long time over a few days... I have a pattern of painting. I can paint 2 paintings in a series then I need to take a break from it and turn to something else, or another series. Must be that short attention span thing again. Anyway if I go straight from painting #2 to Painting #3 it fights me. Now I have finally - DUH! after all these years? How slow can one be? - worked this out I can change things around. Paint 2 and then do something else, come back paint 2 more... etc etc. So, the Within Ourselves painting #3 was progressing badly, in fact last night I thought it looked like I was painting the Teletubbies... that's when I went home and poured a glass of wine.

I do my best thinking over a cup of rooibos in the morning as I watch the light change over the river or in the evening when I'm having a glass of wine and relaxing. Things sparkle clearly in my brain then and I wonder why I couldn't see it before. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
I have lots going on in March - 2 trips up to New York City and much more... but I will try to be more consistant with writing my blog. See you soon!