Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The art of sharing art

I am one of the world's lucky people - I have a supportive family who love me as I am and they don't take me too seriously, friends who do the same and put up with me by choice. And a big advantage, my artist friends are willing to share their knowledge, their skill, their advice and listen patiently when I'm rambling because I haven't a clue what I'm talking about. For instance this new thing I am working on.
I have an interesting idea for an installation piece for one of my shows during this "fellow" year. And I have basically talked it in to shape with fellow artists, their suggestions have opened up new ideas and possibilities to me and shaped it.
I don't actually know if it can be installed in the locations yet - I had hoped to visit one of the places on Monday but some sad soul shot up people at the courthouse and central Wilmington went in to lock down. However, I continue working on the idea. It will be simple but I think quite powerful.  
It revolves around the "underground railroad" the slaves used to escape to the North - a part of it goes through Delaware. It's fits the theme of my shows: women helping women, Africa to USA, South to North, women in need and changing the world. 
I've heard of artists who refuse to share but I don't think I've met any yet. The artists I know are warm and generous, many are totally crazy and interesting, but they share because they want to help. I belong to a couple of art groups on one of the social media sites and I am saddened by how some artists have at last found a place to open their art and their souls to other artists. They have been alone, or surrounded by less than supportive people. How sad for them, but luckily, with this new media they are able to let it all out. The internet might allow some folks too much freedom to say things but having a platform to share their art and their ideas has made a world of difference to many, many people.
It's a lovely thing to see. And it re-enforces how truly fortunate I am.
This is a little doodle I did a couple of days ago in watercolour with three colours. I think I'll call it "Support"
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scott said...

Anne, thank you and Lee for a lovely evening last night and for mentioning your blog. I am afraid I had no idea how long it had been since I'd checked in... but as an earlier post points out, life has a way of getting caught in fast forward occasionally...

Several excellent posts of course, but I was particularly struck by the 29 Sept post. Dementia is an indiscriminate thief.

Looking forward to spring, more news of your successes and accolades, and more shared experiences. Proud to count you as friends.


Anne Jenkins Art said...

and thanks to you, Scott, for a wonderful time! Appreciate your comments as always