Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I CAN’T BELIEVE Hurricane Irene is heading our way. I have spent the past 6 years with a scarred and blown mind because of my experiences with Katrina and Rita. I believed my pysche had improved enough so we could move back near the beach in Delaware - although, before I said yes definitely, I checked the regularity of hurricanes in Delaware and was pleased to find it a rare, VERY rare, event.

And then, voila! I show up … obviously with a hurricane magnet on my back. I’ve been here just shy of 3 months. Bloody hell.

I am unable to write about art this week. My mind won’t go there now. So, instead I have stocked up on water, candles, food and wine. Filled the car just in case. And last night the nightmares returned.

I hope everyone in her direct path get the hell out of there, never mess with Ma Nature throwing a temper tantrum. You lose every time. We’ll watch and listen to warnings.

I also fervently hope when I write this blog next week, we’ll all be safe and sound in our own beds and no damage done. I really, really hope so.


Fawne said...

Thinking safe thoughts for you, Anne!

kaz said...

Our prayers are with you guys on that side of the world!

Anne Jenkins Art said...

thank you so much! appreciate it!