Thursday, August 18, 2011

DuPont Nature Center

This is the postcard now on sale at the center
There is a wonderful little facility at the mouth of the Mispillion River at Slaughter Beach, Delaware - the Dupont Nature Center. It is a treasure trove of information and fascinating stuff - like baby horseshoe crabs. Dawn, the manager, asked if I'd do a sketch of the center... now they're selling it on postcards.

When I went on Tuesday a family with about 5 kids in tow were visiting. It was such fun to hear the kids, they were so excited and interested in everything - take your kid, nephew, grandkid, whatever... it's a wonderful experience for them. On the deck there are strong binoculars and its cool to check out the birds and the view close up. If you are interested in birding, they've got a deal on a book on migrating birds thru Delaware... hurry while stocks last! There's a map at the bottom of this post to guide you in...
And don't forget to buy a couple of the cards to send to friends!

And check out their website

See ya next week!

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