Friday, September 02, 2011

What to do when it's not working...

Section of Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, DE

THANK YOU to all for your good wishes during last weeks hurricane saga. I am so very happy to be here in my own home writing this weeks blog - last week I had visions of being blown to hell and gone, but Hurricane Irene was merciful to us. She blew over as a light Category 1 and then went her merry way. Some folks up North of us weren’t so lucky, I feel for them. So, now things have settled down, we find our eyes back on Tropical Waves, numbered storms threatening to build in to hurricanes. Let’s hope Katia, Lee, Maria, Ophelia, etc - all come to nothing. Although I’m not impressed about that name, Ophelia, who names a hurricane after some one who threw herself in to a river to drown?
I continue to build on inventory for my upcoming show, “Delmarva through New Eyes.” Since I’ve done 3 seascapes, I decided to go back to marsh painting. This is a section of the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge … just on the other side of the road from Slaughter Beach, a place which is obviously my muse at the moment. This is an 18x24  study I did for a big canvas to make sure I‘m in the right zone. And, nope, apparently I’m not.  I can’t seem to get the greens right. Marshes are wonderfully messy places. But even though I’m a messy painter, I struggled with this one. Last night over a glass of wine I pondered on why it wasn’t working. A light bulb went off in my head and it occurred to me.. I love doing the sea, don’t change tack in mid-stride for once. Why not just keep doing seascapes?  This study is going to lurk in the corner and I shall ignore it. And happily go back to painting the sea until the marshes call me and I can paint them once again. When it’s not working, don’t try and force it. The marshes will return, but until then… whoopee, seascapes I’m baaaaack!


Carol Lee Beckx said...

When you in the flow of a particular subject you need to keep working on it - stopping mid-stream doesn't work as if you try to go back later often the momentum has been lost.
Listen to the muse in the glass of wine!

Anne Jenkins Art said...

that's the way it is with me Carol, trying to recapture the moment doesn't work. I am listening to the muse in the wine glass - she is ever wise!!