Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Art of Technical Know how - HA!

A couple of weeks back I blithely said I would concentrate on my book all during August and get it out soon. What was I thinking? I am in the behind the scenes, nitty gritty part of the writing process. I have most of the illustrations and more or less what I want to say or convey pretty much done. Not 100% but pretty close.
Now it all gets technical – I could say it goes downhill from here on out. I had no idea fonts were an issue. There are certain fonts you can't use legally in e-books, or certain matching fonts for print books work better than others, or page layouts, or image resolutions and size. And that's just a fraction of the technical stuff you have to wade through.
Oh! my poor non-technical brain and non-mathematical brain aches! I stare blankly at the screen and say, “You mean I have to convert pixels to inches? I have to convert those image sizes to what?”
And then to throw another curve ball at my good self, I did all the illustrations on my IPAD. Not the traditional paper and paint or pen. Oh no, not me! I go for digital and technical. And I'm not in the least bit gifted when it comes to technical. But the IPAD sketches are so cute and perfect...charming I would say... so there! Deal with it I say to my good self. So.. the learning curve continues.
Perhaps it would be a tad simpler if I was writing a non-illustrated book. But no! I have to jump right in with illustrations and text. Why be easy on yourself?
I belong to a writers discussion group on a publishing site and I am sure I will drive the others bonkers pretty soon. Or they will think I am a lame brain of the top order.
But, then, where would the fun and the challenge be if I knew what I was doing?

As we say in South Africa...EISH! And then get on with it. C'est la vie.
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