Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Art of Life

Things happen for a reason... if you're lucky, what seems like a painful bite in the butt, actually sends you off in a better direction. Well, that's what I'm hoping just happened.
Last week I muttered about technology and my failed efforts at resizing my images for my book. Days later, when all else had failed, I phoned the source... the folks who developed the program.
Oh no,” they happily said. “You can't resize them, they will look awful...they will just look stretched. This program is developed for digital use only, not print.”
Did I think of checking any of this trivia before I started drawing? Did I hell. Which is a little irritating because I can't sulk and blame someone else.
But they were gentle and kind, and they suggested another program I should try. They said it was user-friendly and easy.
Really, they said that. Never trust a person under 30. It used to be anyone over things change.
Easy? What would they consider hard? It might seem easy to a young techie type who can design programs and manipulate computer stuff.
To this old brain, it's “What the @)(*(&^% do I do with this thingie?” and “Oh, if I click on this... shit, now what?
But, sort of hate to admit this, but I am beginning to like the new program. I still haven't the faintest idea what most of the thingies are or what they do, but I am finding it fun and challenging.
I was skyping with my sister this morning and said how easy the old program was which is why I loved it so much but I also felt I had gone a bit flat with it.
She replied, “Well, that was probably the reason you felt flat about it. It was too easy. You need a challenge.”
It must run in the family.
So, here I am... 37 illustrations for the book done and they can't be used. I face a new program and it's quirks. It will take me a bit of time to get the hang of it I suppose.
Give me a while and no doubt I will be waxing lyrical about how fun it is... the grand unexplainable circle of life.

You just have to have a sense of humour to survive the experiences. Luckily, mine seems to be over-developed.

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