Wednesday, August 06, 2014

the Art of Lightness

A feeling of lightness, not quite contentedness, just a lightness in the soul is a marvellous thing. A series of negative things haven stolen my normally happy path through life this past year, mentally bringing me down, way down and shaking my confidence. I am normally very confident and an incurable optimist, so it was an unusual time for me.

Catalysts aren't always a big bang dramatic event. Sometimes they are the in your face big moment and sometimes just a quiet whimper. This one was the quiet type. I just felt myself breathe deep and say, "Hell, I don't care about it any more," and the lightness came. I don't know where it will lead, nor do I worry much about it, I just know I feel comfortable again and my mind no longer lingers over the past year. I look to the future with confidence once again. I am glad and relieved. I missed my old self for a while there.

Many people have told me I should do more writing. I enjoy it and now I am combining my writing and my art down a new avenue. A children's book? Everyone who knows me falls about laughing, it is obvious my knowledge of children is pretty much zero. But as not a few people have pointed out, I haven't grown up myself so I should be fine. And I live with one of the biggest kids around. All is well, I have my test readers aged 4-12 and Lee.

As with most of the adventures in my long and eventful life, I am embarking on this one without much planning nor the faintest idea what I am doing. I am just doing it.
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These three tranquil blue candle holders adorn the coffee table in a place of great peace and refuge for me, watching them and listening to the silence of the place helped the lightness come back to my soul. Thank you Ellijay once again.

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