Friday, June 15, 2012

The art of talk

Well, such excitement - I am so honored! I was interviewed by Paul Weagraff, director of the Delaware Division of the Arts, on the radio! It is a 20-minute interview and it just went so quickly! He was so professional and made me relaxed in no time. I felt like I was just having a chat with a friend. Grab a coffee or a glass of wine, and have a listen :

I took a couple of paintings along - as a visual person, it was a good aid
and then - please,  tell me what you think. Feedback is a great way to learn - I don't know what folks think unless you tell me. To repay you listening to my interview, I won't write a whole lot today!
Thank you for listening and taking the time! My facebook page is often updated - check it out and "follow" my page. I'd appreciate it!
have a grand weekend!


Rukshana Afia said...

Actually I learnt more about your work and the context from this than from your blog ! Very good , professional interview .

Anne Jenkins Art said...

thanks Rukshana - I have no idea why I've just seen your comment? But I appeciate it. It's been an exciting project - I just hope it succeeds. :)