Monday, June 04, 2012

The Art of Fresh Eyes & Soothing Water

Time flies whether you're having fun or not it seems. I cannot - cannot - believe it is June already. Six months of the year gone and I'm sitting here wondering 'what the hell happened?' I have a bunch of projects going, and I don't seem to be progressing with them at the clip I'd like. In other words, I am dithering around and not getting any where with anything. At least that's how it feels to me.
But when I rationalize it I do seem to be getting somewhere ... the goal is there, the distance to them is ever increasing since I appear to be taking a zigzag approach to everything. Maybe I am trying to do too much for others and not concentrating enough on me. I vowed this year it would all be about MOI. I was going to be a veritable Miss Piggy. Self-centred, self- absorbed and nothing else/no one else matters. Ain't gonna happen. I guess it's not in my genes. But helping others can be fulfilling in itself. SO ... I'll just be partially all about MOI. Perhaps.
On Friday I posted a photo of my studio on my facebook page just to prove I was actually working on 5 paintings at one time. Not much has changed since then, life got in the way. The 5 are still works in progress, and I'm not worried about it. But I must finish 2 this week. There's a deadline and deadlines always seem to fire me up and I meet them. Each painting has a different theme, or subject, and sometimes I just have to sit and look at them and wait for them to tell me what to do.
I've been doing this to one painting because another artist I admire a lot thought - after I'd asked for her help and opinion - I should do something additional. It was an honest critical comment worthy of consideration. But it didn't quite gel in my gut. It worried me that I didn't really agree with her when it came down to it because I really do admire and trust her judgement. And I was also kinda intrigued with the suggestion. Then today out of the blue 2 artists stopped in en route back home to NE Pennsylvania. I'd never met them before and we had a wonderful time talking art and methods and stuff. They looked at the painting, I mentioned what I was thinking of doing but was hesitant about it. They - and I love it when artists do this - stepped back, looked at it hard and critically. They thought on it and then they both said. "No, this is your style. This works. Leave it as it is." It was all I needed to hear to confirm my own decision. Fresh eyes can really be a wonderful help.
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Peace and quiet

Ever peaceful

We saw lots of herons and wildlife
On Sunday Lee and I hired a wee flat bottomed boat and poddled very slowly - grass grew quicker than the electric motor could drive the skiff - - along the Mispillion River. It was blissful - silent, bright, ever changing scenery and the joy of being back on the water was a tranquil balm to the soul. We went too far really and were out 6 hours so now we have sunburned knees and sore butts. But it was soul refreshing and fun. And made us think of living on the water again. It just takes a the sound of a slap of water on a hull to bring it all back. Wonderful.


Carol Lee Beckx said...

I agree Anne - sometimes its hard to self-motivate -there is always the temptation to get side tracked. Love the images of your beautiful river...

SaraKate said...

Anne, who did you rent the boat from? It sounds like a fun day with the kids (or maybe just Scott :)

Anne Jenkins Art said...

SaraKate - we rented the little boat and electric motor from Bill Dittman of HABoats (302) 422-3432 or (302) 270-6862. He's very nice and helpful. I believe Lee has rackcards at the office