Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Art of Solace

Despondency doesn't make for a good week. Creativity takes a back seat when gloom and doom settle. Optimists have a hard time with despondency, so naturally I struggle with it. I had a couple of nightmares during which apparently I cry out with a sort of whinny and alarmed the cats no end. Lee tries to soothe me without waking me up. It's all rather boring, things happen.
But, there were high points these past few days - most important and joyful was the latest arrival in our small family. Harrison Nigel was born on Friday complete with all 10 toes. And our family welcomed him with great love and happiness. I'd kinda hoped for a girl since the last girl born in our family was 62 years ago. Guess the world didn't want to cope with another me!! It matters not, he is here, healthy and much loved. We're all delighted to have in in our wacky family - we might be wacky, but we love well.
I cooked South African food for new and interesting friends ... food from home is often a cure all. And some was good. But not all of it turned out well. My melktert was too runny and not spicy enough, but that's hardly a train smash. Wine flowed pretty freely during the lively conversation, so none of us would have even noticed a few whoopsies in the food.
The first outdoor movie of the summer had us carrying our chairs over to the amphitheatre by the riverwalk. And it was a quiet delight - also my introduction to the Muppets. Yep, who knew there was anyone in the world who hadn't seen an entire episode, or a movie, of the Muppets? I could claim that until Wednesday. Next week is music, it's a fun series and it's just nice to sit outside and be entertained.
Still my blue funk meant I didn't paint at all this week. Every time I went in to my studio a dull cloud descended on me and my heart sank. I would stare at the canvases in their various stages of completion and think, "Why bother?" or "What on earth am I do do with this now?" and nothing would happen. Luckily I sorta know how it will all end. Whenever I have a down time, which isn't often thank goodness, the next week I am like a creative whirlwind. So I am just riding this out waiting patiently for the light heart to return. It will.
At the farmers market this morning I saw squash blossoms and bought them right away. They will bring a smile to my face when baked, stuffed with ricotta and garlic. The simplicity of the dish always blows me away - like all the simple things in life, they are the best.

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