Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Art of Spring

About this time of year everyone finds a new zest for life. Ma Nature puts on a glorious display, birds and critters set out doing the mating dance with the males doing some energetic strutting of their stuff and I feel I should go for long walks and just breathe in this fresh air. The dogwoods across the street from our apartment are a joy to behold  against their backdrop is the happily pink Victorian house now The Towers B&B.

Our morning coffee ritual watching the birds and bunnies in our side yard is more fun these days too. For a couple of weeks the holly tree was swirling with Cedar Waxwings as they raided the bright red berries - they did a good job, there's no berries left and the birds have gone on to other pastures. The fig tree beside the holly tree is glowing with little buds of sap green. The big old pecan tree isn't showing much yet, she's taking her time although I thought I detected a few newer bumps about to burst on her skeleton branches this morning.
And birds are braving the very interested felines watching over their feeder at the window - I thought they'd stay away but apparently the are made of stronger stuff and are not intimidated. You can see the still rather bare looking fig tree in the middle next to the boxwood bushes below the holly tree. We couldn't ask for a more wonderful view to enjoy in all the seasons.

My pansies in the entrance boxes have lasted happily since November and are partnering with the daffodils just peeking out. Soon I'll get out more colour and plant them at our entrance. My geraniums so loved spending the winter in the gallery I will leave them here. I'm taking cuttings to start new ones for the house entrance.
It's Easter weekend - time for a Greek style lamb with rosemary and garlic and fine wine. A time to rejoice in spring and all the critters who make it so much fun and so beautiful. What's not to like about all this glorious renewal?


Scott said...

April 4th, one of my favorite events heralding the arrival of spring happened - the Purple Martin scouts arrived to our houses - i think 6 at this point - they arrived the exact same day last spring. How do you think they knew it was a leap year?

Anne Jenkins Art said...

Scott, hmmm Purple Martin scouts - not sure I know which wee bird that is. I'm looking for a good book on the birds in this area... I'm not very good at naming them and I'm enjoying them so much here. Can you recommend any particular book?

Scott said...

I have a book for you. In the meantime check out See you soon!

Anne Jenkins Art said...

that's wonderful, thank you! I got a library book yesterday to get started - and this morning hardly any pitched up... sigh - must have known they were being observed. But a couple eventually showed up. See you soon