Friday, March 30, 2012

The art of Travel

Ceiling mural in a section of the NYC Public Library
I enjoyed a special day in New York City with a friend last week - we weren't as organized as we thought, so we dithered about, visited a Cuban Art Center and saw some cool art, had a very good Indian meal in a hole in the wall place for $20 for both of us, a glass of wine in a nice gay bar with a humourous door man and visited the NY public library.
I had no idea the library was so ornate and grand. There were 2 photography exhibits on ... one quite disturbing and one pretty boring. But the building was the star.

We also spent a very interesting couple of hours with a dynamic, lively and curious bunch of ladies who are textile artists. It's inspirational to be around these ladies. We're country folk now, so big city gals are a kick every once in a whole. I needed it.

Unfortunately my second trip to NYC a week later didn't pan out so well. Lee and I were booked to take the Kent County bus up on Wednesday. We set off just before 6:30 a.m. for Dover to board the bus when Pearl, our trusty old Toyota - who NEVER ever breaks down - decided today was the day to tear up all her belts. As we were driving along Highway 1 no less. So, long story short, we got a ride in a tow truck back to Milford instead of the bus to NYC. And dropped a large number of $$ at a garage before heading home. No NYC fun lunch with an old friend. We were so disappointed.

But that's travel.One week it's all good, next it isn't. Sorta like life.

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