Thursday, September 08, 2011

Puddles on the Path to the Beach

Puddles on the Path to South Bowers Beach

       When sage advice is given, I listen. I listened to my muse in the wine glass, as my friend and fabulous artist, Carol Lee Beckx, told me I should. 'Paint the sea,' it said. I drove out to discover a new beach, Bowers Beach. It’s just about 8 miles north of Milford. I headed to South Bowers beach, there’s a wee river runs through the town and you can‘t drive from one side to the other.
The drive out is lovely - rural and tranquil through farm country. And then you turn a corner and just know the sea is close. The atmosphere changes with a salty-ness about the air. I parked and walked up the path which was full of puddles from all the rain we’ve had lately. I’ve always loved skipping barefoot through puddles, age doesn’t seem to dim the pleasure. It’s an instant flashback to my happy childhood.
The beach appeared and it went on for ever - best of all, it was totally empty of people. In the distance was the vague white shapes of the houses of the village, and the first thought I had was, “Oh! how perfectly wonderful, another empty walking beach to enjoy!” Truly the Delaware coast is that way - whether its on the Atlantic or the Delaware Bay. There’s a bunch more I have to explore.
After Bowers I drove down to Big Stone Beach, thinking it might be just as lovely. The drive was just that - part of it wound through a wildlife reserve. I saw a golden eagle, a mother deer, 2 teenager deers alongside her, a hawk dived and lifted a mouse right off the side of the road. I stopped to watch - it was that quiet and without traffic, I could stop in the middle of the road. But, alas, the welcome was definitely not warm at the end of the road. Signs stated it was a private beach, a private road - no stopping, no standing. No anything it seems. There were only about 4-5 houses there, and it was vaguely creepy. So I dashed to the edge of the beach and took two photos and left. I’ll have to find out what the story is about the place.
I went straight back to the studio and this is the 18x24 study of “Puddles on the path to S Bowers Beach.”
It just felt right to be back painting the sea … although I am also eagerly, and with much excitement or trepidation, looking forward to my next big challenge when this local Delaware series is finished… my collaboration with the marvelous artists of the Amandwe Support Group in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. I work with them on The Bags of Hope project. Stay tuned, it should be interesting! Here's the Bag of Hope website :

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Carol Lee Beckx said...

Lovely post Anne. So glad the muse is working. It's the one thing I do miss here the beach is far from me. I can sense your excitement in the painting-keep going.