Friday, October 30, 2015

The Art of Recipes

Okay sports fans - another change in direction... well, this is me and I do this quite regularly as I am sure you, dear reader, are quite used to by now. I did the "what I ate Today" illustrations for 3 whole weeks. A long time in my attention span orbit. And then I thought why not give recipes a try out. I have been following a few illustrators who mostly do recipes and some of the styles are charming or fun or downright yummy looking.
Here's a couple I tried my hand at and am rather enjoying the process... you actually have to think about it before doing it. Novel thought.
So- what do you like, not like, hate, couldn't care less or love about any of these?  Let the critique commence....
and - thank you!

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Scott said...

approaching 2 months without a new post... friendly reminder!!!