Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Art of Letter Writing

It's been a while ... I know, I know. Life got in the way. New Projects and ucky colds zapped my strength. Not really making excuses... it just was so.
On my art page on Facebook a while back I wrote about a wonderful book I'd seen, "More than Words" - a collection of artists illustrated letters. It looked beautiful and I had to have it - so I said I was saving my pennies to buy it. Well, a couple of weeks later a wonderful friend showed up and gave me the book saying, "I didn't think you should have to wait!"
I could hardly believe my eyes. What a treasure my friend in and what a treasure the book is. I love illustrated letters. I like letters of all kinds and I still do actually write thank you notes and letters. It is fast becoming a lost art.
So I dug around and found a letter written to me when I was 8 years old and got mumps at Christmas! My friend who wrote the letter, lived on a mission station in a remote forgotten valley in the wilds of South Africa. I lived not too far way in another remote location and was shortly about to head to boarding school for the first time.

The letter is precious and a joy... so I thought I'd share it. It really speaks volumes about the person who wrote it and the care she took to pen it.
I still pick up the new book and look through it with awe .. it will be a joy to read for a long long time. Thank you my kind and thoughtful friend.


Scott said...

What a sweet letter, and thoughtful gifts from your new and old friends. Are you still in touch with your girlhood friend?

...and what are minerals at Christmas anyway?


Anne Jenkins Art said...

Isn't it precious? Minerals are what we called sodas like coca cola or fanta back in the 1950's. We didn't get them all the time, they were reserved for special occasions...birthdays or Christmas. ALl children really looked forward to that - we had no TV in the whole country, we played outside all the time and ate fresh. Our drinks were water, fresh orange juice or homemade lemonade or milk. We were all thin and healthy!! :)