Saturday, November 05, 2011

The art of a good week that was...

What a great week! I sniffle with cold … my nose runs and my throat crackles with coughs, so why do I think I just had a great week? Well, because it was:  1. I sold a painting. 2. The sun sparkles in a crisp, cold sky. 3. I made a good start on two commissions that have been waiting patiently for me. Perhaps the buyers who commissioned me are less patient, but they have been understanding. 4. Lee brought home some yummy Jamaican curried goat from a small stand in Dover for dinner. And, the big good news story: 5. I was amoung a small group of artists invited to participate in an Artist Roster Focus Group by the Delaware Division of the Arts.
It was a lively group with lots of ideas and opinions thrown out all the time. As a staff member of the DDOA said afterwards, “The atmosphere was electric.” It was informative, it was fun and we laughed a lot. I met some cool new friends, heard interesting new ideas and got a big buzz out of it. An updated and exciting roster of Delaware artists will be the result. They also served excellent cookies.
I might sound all ditzy as though I’ve been imbibing their pixie dust - but I am just constantly amazed by my new home, this wee State of Delaware. The support the state gives it’s artists is nothing short of exceptional. There are states that can barely spell art - and there are dreadful politicians who want to cut funding to the arts in states and nationally. By lucky happenstance I plonk myself down in a state that nurtures the arts and understands the importance of the arts - for children, for education, for adults, for the state and the country. But, very importantly, for the artists themselves.
Delaware also understands artists actually can make a living from their art - just like the guy on the road construction crew, the bank manager or shop assistant. They understand when I sell my paintings that money goes back in to the local economy. They also understand a rich diverse arts community brings tourists, and the accompanying tourist dollars, to the state. They understand art is good for the soul and the state needs to retain it’s artistic talent.
I wax lyrical but it is just so damn refreshing to have supportive government behind your back as an artist. It doesn’t guarantee people will like my art, or buy my art, but it gives me encouragement and support. That is priceless.
Fun in the sun .... it's the small things in life
And I have a nice apartment with lots of light and my cats played happily in the sun, we ate good food and drank nice wine. All is well with the world. Who cares about a flu sniffle or two - that will pass.
So, you can see why I had a good week. Here’s hoping for many more…

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