Saturday, November 26, 2011

The art of being grateful

A big bunch of holly from the lovely big tree in our garden
It's just past the Thanksgiving celebration here in the USA. This is a holiday I adopted happily, and I cook up Lee's favourite's because he loves the holiday. We've had some interesting Thanksgivings over the years in various countries, making do with what we could find for the meal. Each one special, I should do a blog on that alone! Part of the tradition is to reel off a long list of things to be grateful for.
I have much to be thankful for - like this morning I Skype'd with my family in South Africa. My eldest nephew just had an operation, a success, but it was a relief to see his face and his lovely big smile and hear his delightful sly humour. Isn't technology a boon sometimes? But I don't understand how people can't get away from their electronic devices - they're connected 24/7/365. Ugh. I turn my phone off, my computer off. I think that's why voicemail and e-mail and facebook were invented - to walk away, and then walk back and check whenever you want to do so. I turned off my computer last Wednesday and didn't turn it back on until today, Saturday. Guess what? My e-mails were waiting for me, my facebook page gave me all the updates. My voicemail gave me my messages. The earth kept turning!
So, I am grateful for family, love, friends, health, cats and dogs who keep you grounded, and technology because it keeps me connected when I want to be connected. Oh, and VERY grateful for a glass of wine and good food.
I've been decorating the gallery for the Christmas season, it's early I think. However, it might be an art gallery but it's still retail. I'm also grateful for my gallery and the gift I have to make art. And the joy of making a living doing something I love. We've got big holly trees just outside our window in the garden - I walked past on my way to the gallery this morning, snipped off some and voila! I have an instant bunch of holiday cheer in a nice pottery vase.
And, I'm grateful for my dear Scots mother who taught me, "It' a great life, if you don't weaken!"


Scott said...

Perhaps more an adopted daughter than you know, you have (inadvertently?) decorated your gallery with the Delaware State Tree - the American Holly! See you Friday at the Holiday Stroll.

Anne Jenkins Art said...

I should've known that fact, but I didn't. How cool. I be Delawarean good and proper!!