Friday, February 06, 2015

The Art of Food

So, I think we need a break from trucking - I will get back to it. 
So.. on to food. I love food. I love cooking. And I love eating in restaurants - anything from street food to posh. Just love it. But I struggle with sketching or drawing food. This year I decided to make an effort to conquer this problem. Sometimes I do a sketch of food and it's great, other times it looks like a mess. Now after a few weeks of doing a daily quick sketch I see improvement. It's fun however the drawing turns out. Here's a couple of examples from 2015 start to conquer sketching food!! Bon appetite! and remember - visit my website
Superb Korean "dim sum" at Mandu's in Washington, DC
Exquisite De Brand truffles from Sugar Bee in Milford DE

My lovely wonky pottery bowl full of fruit and veg
Coddled Eggs, a favourite winter breakfast
the best yoghurt in USA is Chobani, it's the closest to the real Greek & Turkish yoghurt. And Nutella - have loved it for years
My little Prague tin cup, a gift from a dear friend some yeras ago, filled with garlic

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