Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Art of Courage to Face Publishers

Oh! my ... big week for me this week. And I am a little nervous. I think I have finished, polished, formatted, edited and tweeked some more, the first of my cat book series. I am trying to get up the courage to upload it to the e-book site for scrutiny by the experts. I fear they will spit it out with many, many corrections to be done. But I must be brave and do it.
I decided to concentrate on this cat series to start off and to learn the ropes. I have to go the e-book route first due to image sizing. I would do IPAD sketches for the first book ,wouldn't I? Couldn't just do the easier route now, could I?
It's not long, just 38-40 pages of text and sketches. I am channeling Chaussettes, my black tuxedo rescue special needs cat as the voice. I hope to make it a series, a wee book of her musings and sketches and giggles every year. If I can sell a whole bunch, I will donate some of the profit to cat and dog rescue shelters.
Just Us Cats - the group that rescued Chaussettes' mother and her three kittens from a barn, suggested I also do a print version for older animal fans who don't do computers too well. I am looking in to it - given the image sizing, it is tricky, but, I believe I will find a way.
I intend to do my children's book on trucking once I have this under control and have learned a whole lot more. It was too difficult to try and do both at once. So my cats are my guinea pigs! And it is a fun way to experiment.
I finally built up the beginning of my books website. It's only 3 pages, but it's a start. I have 2 of my older books on it and I hope you will check it out and give me some feedback.
So, I think I'll just go over the draft one more time.... take a deep breath and sign on to the publishers. EEEEEK!

Send me positive vibes, okay?
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Scott said...

Living with Cats will of course be a success because of the main character, my friend Chausette - but please don't leave the truck idea in the proverbial dust. Somewhere between Smoky and the Bandit and Thomas the Train is where you're aiming I think and it looks great so far... As to the website, I think the casual viewer needs to be able to click on the books and see a page or two, just a snippet... See you soon!

Anne Jenkins Art said...

thanks Scott - don't worry I am not leaving the truck book at all... there is a reason! :) When you click on the book it takes you to Blurb where you can preview the books, but it's a good idea to do it on the website as a taster. I will have to see if I can do this! Great idea! Thanks