Friday, June 28, 2013

The art of installation

I have been remiss in posting regularly - however, I have a grand excuse. The installation piece I am doing for the Biggs Museum of American Art in Dover is galloping along at a good clip, just as well the deadline is just around the corner.
I have changed my mind on nearly every aspect of it, and every time I do I think the whole project has been improved. I am heading in to the final stretch with it and I am pleased with it.
A friend stopped by a couple of days ago and as I walked her through it, she gasped and tears came to her eyes. This is a huge compliment. I was so moved, I got tears in my eyes!
I am nearly finished the scary process of sealing the watercolour paper pieces in to the burlap. When I put the goo on it and the painting completely disappears under a white film, all you can do is think, "It will reappear. It will reappear." But I can't help holding my breath each time.
I have 3 more pieces to sew on to the burlap, attach the dowels and get rocks for ballast. Then it will be done. Here is a 30-second video of 2 of the panels just to pique your interest -  All images © Anne Jenkins. All Rights Reserved.

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Scott said...

I cant wait to see the whole installation!