Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The art of the quick sketch

I've gotten in to the habit of sketching lately, in a big way. Never really have done it much. But it all started a while ago with some charcoals I had lying around  ... and boredom, or inability to decide what to do. Now I am finding it fun - and a learning experience. Which, of course, is exactly what well seasoned and trained artists have been advising me for years. I never was a good student. Too bull headed, have to work it out for myself. Sigh.
A while back I did a water colour sketch of the view from my bedroom. Yesterday morning we enjoyed another striking sunrise. All the leaves on the mulberry tree have fallen off and the Milford water tower and one of the church spires has come back in to view after disappearing behind the lush green all summer. So, I just had to do another sketch - slightly different angle, very slight.
I got to wondering why I am suddenly sketching away happily and often. I figured it might all be because my friend, Rosemary Connelly, is an avid water colour journaling type and I've become infected by her enthusasim. I have been admiring her work for over a year now. She is such a natural talent at this - I look forward to seeing her work when she returns from somewhere. It's more exciting than holiday photos because of her intense personal way of painting, loose and bright. I've just had the privilege of seeing her San Francisco journal and felt like I was back there myself. Maybe one day I'll grow up and be able to do as well as her! HA!
I also saw a sketch my old school friend, and now a famous artist in Australia, Carol Lee Beckx, did in a coffee shop. It's just fabulous - check her website and follow links to her blog & facebook page. Her work is just beautiful - I was in awe of it more than 40 years ago and still am!
So - here's my view from my bedroom window, part deux...
4x6 water colour © 2012 Anne Jenkins All Rights Reserved
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Carol Lee Beckx said...

So pleased to see you are joining in this obsessive pass time, Anne. And thank you for your rather too kind words about my art - hardly "famous" ha ha!