Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Must be Mardi Gras time

I miss New Orleans a lot and at this time of year, Mardi Gras time, brings back lots of good memories ... hence the new musical series based on the magical brass bands of NOLA! I always loved painting the musicians or especially the tuba players. I haven't painted them for a long time. An old time member of a brass band once told me, if the band ever got in trouble the tuba player was always the one caught. I asked why and he laughed. "Because he always got caught trying to get through the door," he replied. Always think of that when I paint and it still brings a smile to my face. This one is on a 12x24 wood panel.


Bernadette Rose Smith said...

Love this, Anne. Your work is so spirited!!! And I now know why I never wanted to play the tuba!

Art by Anne Jenkins said...

thanks Bernadette!