Thursday, December 16, 2010

Starting over ....

this blog was created in October 2005 just after Hurricane Katrina by a dear friend - I wasn't able to follow his directions clearly and never got it right, nor could I get in to it at all.
But now - after 5 years, I've reclaimed it and it will be the official blog for my art alone. My other blog - Art by Anne Jenkins - is about the gallery, selected guest artists in my gallery and about me - so ... now I'm getting selfish and this is "all about me!" YEAH!
I will create a facebook page to go with this one and my website. In the new year will start blogging regularly on this site as well! Hope you enjoy it as much as the other one - which I will also maintain regularly!
I sold a print of this image of a New Orleans Second Line to HBO to use in their highly acclaimed series, "Treme - Series 2" - look out for it when the series runs this year!

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